A Common Catalog

As a collaborative final project, students in the class The Curatorial: Multiple Variations created an “exhibition as catalog” highlighting contemporary artworks recently donated by Mary Bucksbaum Scanlan (class of 1991) from the estate of her mother, Melva Bucksbaum. Students surveyed and researched the contents of the gift: hundreds of artworks, some of them already installed in the recently renovated Commons building. The class then had the opportunity to choose additional works for display, expanding the installation in Commons and creating a mini-exhibition in the lobby of Crossett Library. This catalog contains writings by the 13 class members about selected artworks and their overall curatorial process.

Catalog authors: Duncan Allen, Maddie Baker, Jack D’Angelo, Nia Dorsey, Nora Hany, Sydnie Hyams, Zoe Ilic, Annalise Lozier, Emma Ogden-Wolgemuth, Tighe Ridley, Ella Simon, Yiran Zhu, and Charlotte Zinsser. The class was taught by Anne Thompson, with support from Erin McKenny, who manages the Usdan Gallery art collection.